14:50 – Blizzard has not yet announced a release date for StarCraft 2.
3:44 – Had to run out of conference room to plug in laptop – there's an hour long information session starting in about 30 minutes – don't know if there's an internet connection there so I might not be able to update until i get back. As for initial StarCraft 2 impressions – the game looked very similar to SC1 – nearly identical user interface – graphic styles and unit proportions nearly the same – more flashy lighting effects but it seems like Blizzard didn't want to mess with SC's underlying formula very much. The screens they showed the video on didn't display the video very clearly, unfortunately, but the game still looked pretty with some nice animations. We'll have to wait to bring you any updates on what kind of story elements are in SC2 – hopefully they're in the panel discussion. Anyway, gotta run – thanks for reading and we'll update as soon as possible.
3:31 – Announcements are over – transitioning into a musical act – hopefully it's not as bad as the music they were playing before the ceremony.

3:26 – Showing another video of "things to come." concept art for SC2 – zerg landscapes – ruined terran structures – freen filds – SC2 looks, at least visually, strikingly similar to SC1 – both in unit and map designs. Now showing a giant rush of zerglings – probably over 100 of them, swarming with no slowdown – mroe character art – finishes with the StarCraft II logo.

3:23 – now showing terran and protoss fight – marines and zealots clashing on the ground – mothership and battle crusers in the air – framerate seems relatively stable as more units stream in – hard to tell – about 100 units on screen right now – a few of the new protoss units just came in – nuclear launch detected warning – every unit on screen destroyed – three nukes were launched at once – then zergs rush in and spell "GG" while turning into suicidal bombs.

3:18 – warprey also very effective against structures – very vulnerable to small unit fire – shws warpreys getting wiped out by terran marines. Physics system lets debris from warpreys roll down a ramp. Showing one more unit – warped in in a serious of cubes – giant floating base – called a protoss mothership – can only have 1 at a time – cost big resources – special abilities include timebomb that slows all enemy missiles inside – shows terran missle launcher shooting in projectiles that stop in the field before they reach the ship – when field ends missiles drop the ground – planet cracker attack – giant lasers stream from ship to ground – ship can be moved around while planet cracker laser is active – the ship looks like a metallic, triangular sand dollar – mothership can create a black hole anywhere it wannts to – creates distortion that actually sucks ships in and destroys them – in the demo the black hole destroyed four terran battle cruisers in about ten seconds.

3:16 – showing space platform environment, land mass floating over planets / nebulae. Showing phoenix units failing to destroy terran battle cruisers – new protoss unit – Warprey – flying unit that does increased damage the longer it hits a target with it's continuous blue laser.

3:15 – Zerglings can mutate into suicidal bomb things thar roll across the ground – very powerful explosions. Colossus using new IK system to move across differences in terraing height. Colossus extremley weak against air strike – New unit for protoss – Pheonix – can overcharge guns for multiple projectile blast – but after blast the ship is rendered inert for a short period.
14:14 – 神族巨人 – 大型单位 可以发射双激光 使用长手臂跨越高低地形 在demo中他们湮没在了50多个虫族zergling中!
14:10 – 人族收割机 – 可以跳跃地形- 2种手枪 不激发 不朽者的护盾. 神族现在有在任何地点制作护盾的能力.神族可以在水晶塔附近的任何建造中的建筑生产兵. 新的神族单位 – 潜伏者 – 可以瞬间移动 -可以连续瞬移 – 看来冷却时间很短. 虫族继续出现,巨大的蠕虫不停的生产出zergling.神族可以使用定向仪器以及传送技能在战场的任何地方建立军队
14:09 – 控制神族狂热者- 依然有 psi 武器和盾 – 新的充电能力让他迅速接近目标. 攻城坦克出现 – 依然很强 可以轻松解决狂热者- 新的神族单位t – 叫做 不朽者 -拥有特殊的护盾 只有当被攻击了才能开启- 攻城坦克机器对其不能造成伤害
14:07 – 游戏画面- 神族的飞船 -漂浮在小行星上/ 基础建筑 – 游戏里还是有绿色的气体 – 角色控制在右边- 一些神族 – 转到人族基地 -挖水晶矿- 陆战队登出. Dustin正在玩这游戏-
14:05 – Morheim说每个人都希望看到实际的游戏画面- SC2首席设计师 Dustin Browder上台演示.
14:00 FMV在一个宇宙飞船中列队 – 应该是Terran – 镜头缩到一扇金属的门 – 门开了 – 一个被监禁的家伙叼着雪茄 – 门关上了- 整个房间在震动- 进入到一个金属装置中- 脚上绑好安全带 – 飞到天花板上- 屏幕上的韩国文字让人们激动了起来- 机器的又一个部分向他伸出了金属手臂 -机器启动 – 在上装甲 – 相当细节的表现- 这家伙现在穿上了手套- 装甲成型- 一个Terran的陆战队员 – 火箭发射 – zerg出现 – 陆战队排好了队伍- 星际2官方公布
13:57 – 另一个影片开始. 大概是新游戏的
13:56 – 影片结束 Morhaime准备发言
13:55 – 现在在放wow的影片 更多的欢呼
13:52 – 在放wc3的影片. 之前放到diablo的影片的时候,cain的"stay a while an listen" 引起一阵欢呼
13:51 – 准备放过去暴雪游戏的影片了
13:50 – 在说为什么这是他们举办的最大的WWI – 因为还有wow的比赛
13:49 – Mike Morhaime 上台发言!
13:47 – 啊 他们终于好像要公布什么了
13:45 – 现在他们宣誓为了各个游戏里的种族以及他们代表的国家而战
13:41 – 采访一个wc3选手中.一个女翻译以及面对大量的观众让他有点紧张.又是一个韩国玩笑.现在女翻译赞扬了下他的微笑,他全身抖了下- –
13:40 – 一个翻译试图把那个玩笑翻译成英语 但是失败了
13:38 – 现在wc3和sc的选手们在宣誓(公平竞赛) 全部是韩国语.但是一个选手的发言让全场大笑
13:37 – 后面时不时传来充满崇拜感的尖叫
13:36 – 魔兽3的选手来了. 一个来自美国.介绍了他们的名字以及他们在比赛中用的种族
13:35 – 这些人来自世界各地, 穿着类似NASCAR车赛的衣服,全身广告
13:34 – 现在他们开始介绍参加星际和魔兽3比赛的职业玩家 更多的烟火
13:31 – 现在在介绍Mike Morhaim(暴雪主席兼创办人) 还在介绍其他参加的人, 他们坐在人群中 没有上台.介绍Chris Metzen中
13:30 – 焰火释放 没有人受伤 – –
13:29 – 他也在说WWI 的好处

13:27 – Jungwon Hahn, 韩国暴雪主管上台发言

13:26 – 还在介绍WWI

13:24 – 屏幕上是现场的人群 欢迎大家来到WWI 后面还会有音乐表演

13:20 – 喇叭里开始了介绍 冗长的韩国语 等待英语翻译

13:19 – 屏幕上出现暴雪图标!

13:18 – 他们握了下手,介绍还没有开始 又一个吓人的音乐响起

13:15 – 暴雪的员工现在登上了主席台 灯光亮起 人群开始欢呼

13:14 – 活动将被延迟一会! 主持人站出来说了一句

13:13 – 在场地中央的韩国媒体已经开始尖叫

13:12 – 还没开始. 一些在我前面的摄影师跟着爵士乐竟然跳起了舞

13:08 – 另一个恐怖的音乐响起. 台上后面的大型显示屏上显示的是暴雪的WII LOGO. 人们拿着摄像机站满了整个角落.

13:06 – 吉他演奏继续 依然有人进场 开幕式还未正式开始

13:02 – 游戏即将公布 喇叭里吉他狂弹 场馆里已经坐满了人 应该有数千人

12:59 – 正在介绍WWI 2天的活动安排